National Strike Force Coordination Center (NSFCC)

The NSFCC provides support and standardization guidance to the Atlantic Strike Team (AST), Gulf Strike Team (GST) and Pacific Strike Team (PST), Incident Management Assist Team (CG-IMAT), and the Public Information Assist Team (PIAT).  The NSFCC also oversees the maintenance of the OPA-90 mandated Response Resources Inventory (RRI), Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) Classification Program, and National Maintenance Contract (NMC).

USCG Photo by PAC Roszkowski           

NSFCC | Oversight and Direction

The NSFCC provides oversight and strategic direction to the Strike Teams, ensuring enhanced inter-operability through a program of standardized operating procedures for response, equipment, training, and qualifications. The NSFCC maintains a national logistics network using the Response Resource Inventory (RRI), coordinates the Coast Guard Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) classification program, administers the National Maintenance Contract (NMC) for the Coast Guard’s thirty-million-dollar inventory of pre-positioned spill response equipment, and coordinates NIMS ICS programs for the NSF and other federal agencies.



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