Services We Provide

The Strike Teams provide rapid response support in incident management, site safety, contractor performance monitoring, resource documentation, response strategies, hazard assessment, oil spill dispersant and in-situ burn use, operational effectiveness monitoring, and high capacity lightering and offshore skimming capabilities. The Strike Teams also train Coast Guard units in environmental pollution response, test and evaluate pollution response equipment, and operate as liaisons with response agencies within their areas of responsibility. 

The NSFCC provides oversight and strategic direction to the Strike Teams, ensuring enhanced inter-operability through a program of standardized operating procedures for response, equipment, training, and qualifications. The NSFCC maintains a national logistics network using the Response Resource Inventory (RRI), coordinates the Coast Guard Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) classification program, administers the National Maintenance Contract (NMC) for the Coast Guard’s thirty million dollar inventory of pre-positioned spill response equipment, and coordinates NIMS ICS programs for the NSF and other federal agencies.

National Strike Force Pocket Guide