Standards Evaluation & Analysis Division (CG-REG-1)


CG- REG- 1 is a diverse, dedicated group responsible for evaluating the economic and environmental impact of a rulemaking action initiated by the Coast Guard. Known as the Standards Evaluation & Analysis Division, we provide economic and environmental analytical services to support Coast Guard program offices responsible for overseeing regulations. Our rulemaking activities are governed by numerous laws, regulations, and Executive Orders.


Our evaluations can be broken down into two parts:



An economic impact analysis is conducted in order to justify the implementation of a rule. Under Executive Orders 13563 and 12866, Federal Agencies are required to perform a cost-benefit analysis to demonstrate that the benefits justify the costs. Our impact reports identify trade-offs, potential effects, side effects, and market behavior changes due to a rule’s actions. The discussion on small business impact, for example, is a key feature of our report that analyzes the rulemaking action’s effect on vulnerable businesses and markets. Additionally, we present alternatives to the rule, through which we seek to rule out other market-based solutions or specifications. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a thorough examination that provides a clear, credible, and articulate basis for a regulatory action.



An environmental impact analysis is necessary to determine significant environmental effects that could result from a rule’s actions. This report is required under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) as well as several other environmental laws, Executive Orders, and policies. Consultations with other Agencies, third parties, and indigenous groups are held to formulate a more thorough impact report. Additionally, the analysis informs of any reasonable alternatives to avert or minimize any environmental damage.


Overall, the objective at CG REG-1 is to improve upon the status quo. We do this by delivering regulatory assessments in a clear and transparent manner, to give the public a chance to contribute to our policymaking process. We are committed to the needs of the public, and believe that our work is an example of the honest and democratic culture we have here at the Coast Guard.


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