Participate in the Rulemaking Process

We encourage you to participate in the rulemaking process by reviewing the rulemaking docket, commenting on a rulemaking, and/or attending a public meeting for a rulemaking.


A Docket is the electronic, publicly available "file" for each rulemaking that contains all relevant information and public comments, as well as the published rulemaking documents. For example, a docket may include a notice of proposed rulemaking, public comments, a notice of public meeting, a regulatory assessment of the costs and benefits, supporting studies, and other public information.

Each rulemaking or regulatory project is assigned a unique docket number (e.g. USCG-2012-0001).

Coast Guard Dockets are maintained by the Department of Transportation's Federal Docket Management System, and are available via is searchable by docket number or by key word.



The Coast Guard provides information and instructions on submitting comments in the preamble of each document published in the Federal Register. You can get information under the following captions to help you submit comments:

DATES. What is the closing date is for the comment period or when your comments must reach the Coast Guard.
ADDRESSES. Where to submit or deliver your comments.
REQUEST FOR COMMENTS. How to submit comments with detailed, specific instructions.
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT. Where to direct your questions or requests for additional information on the regulation.    

WEBSITE: The Web site for electronic submissions is:

For more information contact:

Commandant (CG-REG)
US Coast Guard
2703 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE

Stop 7418
Washington, DC 20593-7418