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The Coast Guard's Regulatory Development Program (RDP) is dedicated to ensuring that stakeholders are fully informed of our projects and processes. The RDP produces decision papers, reports, analysis, and other informational guides. We will post these regulatory project documentation here for your information. We want stakeholders to have the opportunity to participate in identifying agency priorities, developing policies and programs, and assessing organizational performance.




While the Coast Guard has always reviewed regulations to ensure that they are effective, efficient and up-to-date, without imposing undue burden, this practice has been further emphasized since the publication of Executive Order 13563. Since then, the Coast Guard has participated in a DHS-led process of reviewing existing regulations, requesting and reviewing public input on our regulations, and amending those regulations as appropriate. In addition to individual regulations that have been/are being shaped by these reviews (see, e.g., Updates to Maritime Security and Revision to Transportation Worker Identification Credential Requirements rules), the DHS plan and report on progress are also available.

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