Marine Safety Engineering Program

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CG-ENG-1 is responsible for managing the Marine Safety Engineering Program.  Officers in this program attend postgraduate school in order to obtain a Master of Science in Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Fire Protection Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or Electrical Power Systems, among others.  Upon completion of graduate school, members are sent primarily to the Office of Design & Engineering Standards (CG-ENG), the Marine Safety Center (MSC). In some cases, members may be sent to the Liquefied Gas Carrier, Outer Continental Shelf, or Cruise Ship National Center of Expertise (NCOE). Follow on assignments will give MSEs an opportunity to use their technical expertise towards engineering design, standards development, and vessel plan review for commercial vessels, novel ships, and offshore structures.

Highly Complex Industry- In order to keep pace with advancements in the maritime and offshore oil & gas industries, the Coast Guard needs to produce technical experts through the MSE Program. Novel technologies associated with Liquefied Natural Gas propulsion and Offshore Support Vessels are top priorities for the maritime industry and need applicable and up-to-date regulations, standards, and policies to mitigate hazards associated with operations.  The skills acquired through our MSE programs enhance the Coast Guard’s ability to keep up with the complexity and advancement of technology.

Partnership With Industry- MSEs work alongside key partners in the maritime industry, manage project teams of highly-educated technical experts, and provide subject matter expertise to regulatory teams and outside customers on a day-to-day basis.  This work impacts the safety, cost, and schedule of countless vessels and floating offshore platforms, with costs ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars to, in some cases, over two billion dollars.  The skills acquired through MSE advanced education enhance the Coast Guard’s ability to serve these customers in a competent and professional manner. To read about the work our MSEs complete and to see them in action, take a look at our biannual Marine Safety Newsletter.

If you have questions regarding the Marine Safety Engineering Program, please contact the Program Manager at (202) 272-1387.