Commercial Regulations & Standards (CG-5PS)

Formerly known as CG-52


The Director of Commercial Regulations and Standards (CG-5PS) develops national regulations, standards, and policies to enhance maritime safety, security and stewardship; develops and executes an engagement plan for international standards development; and administers a technical compliance program to ensure uniform application of design and operating standards on commercial vessels.  It includes experts in the areas of ship design & engineering (CG-ENG), vessel & facility operating & environmental standards (CG-OES), and standards development & evaluation (CG-REG).


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Meet the Director of Commercial Regulations & Standards:

Mr. Jeffery G. Lantz

Mr. Jeff Lantz

Director of Commercial Regulations and Standards for 
Marine Safety, Security, and Stewardship 
United States Coast Guard



Marine Safety Engineering Newsletter:


Twice a year, CG-5PS publishes the Marine Safety Engineering Newsletter.  This newsletter provides vital information regarding current projects in CG-5PS and at the Marine Safety Center, glimpses into the Marine Safety Engineering field, and highlights of the Marine Safety Program, including recent graduates of the Advanced Education program.

Contact the Director of Commercial Regulations & Standards:

Director of Commercial Regulations & Standards (CG-5PS)
U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters
2703 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE, STOP 7509
Washington, DC 20593-7509