Human Element & Ship Design Division (CG-ENG-1)


The Human Element and Ship Design Division is a division of the Office of Design and Engineering Standards (CG-ENG).  The Division is primarily responsible for the development of design and engineering standards, policy, and regulations for novel ships and offshore units, with a focus on human factors integration. CG-ENG-1 also manages the review of classification society rules and issue authorizations of classification societies to perform commercial vessel inspection activities on behalf of the Coast Guard.

Our coordination with other offices in the Coast Guard Headquarters organization leads to uniform, timely, and responsive establishment of design standards. CG-ENG-1 champion’s the Coast Guard’s effort to harmonize its design and engineering standards vision with the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) to improve the safety and operational oversight of oil and gas operations on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).


What we do:

Novel Vessels, Offshore Units & Technology

CG-ENG-1 analyzes novel designs not covered in current regulations and coordinates with stakeholders to determine equivalent safety standards and establish “design basis” agreements for individual vessels.  We also develop policy and regulations to ensure new technology meets a minimum safety level. Our current focus is developing safety standards for vessels that conduct Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Activities. 

Human Factors Integration

Commercial vessel design and operation are complex processes involving the integration of equipment with decision making.  CG-ENG-1 is responsible for ensuring that standards and policy decisions reflect the significance of the human element.  We also ensure that the risk of human error is reduced with fatigue management, safety management, and human systems interface considerations.


Classification Society Authorizations

CG-ENG-1 is responsible for coordinating Coast Guard recognition, authorization, or approvals associated with classification societies.


Marine Safety Engineering Post Graduate Program

CG-ENG-1 is responsible for managing the Marine Safety Engineering Program.  Officers in this program attend postgraduate school in order to obtain a Master of Science in Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Fire Protection Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or Electrical Power Systems, among others.


Contact the Human Element and Ship Design Division (CG-ENG-1):

Human Element and Ship Design Division (CG-ENG-1)
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