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Unlimited Engineer
Exam Code: Endorsement: Modules:
1AE01 First Assistant Q511 - Q517
3AE01 Third Assistant Q531 - Q534
3AE02 Third Assistant Q535 - Q538
Limited Engineer
Exam Code: Endorsement: Modules:
AEL01 Assistant Q610 - Q615
CEL01 Chief Q601 - Q603
CEL02 Chief Q604 - Q606
DDE01 Designated Duty, Unlimited HP Q620 - Q625
DDE04 Designated Duty, 1000/4000 HP Q630 - Q634
OSE01 Chief, OSV Q680 - Q684
OSE02 Assistant, OSV Q650 - Q654
UFIV01 Chief, UFIV Q697 - Q696
UFIV02 Assistant, UFIV Q690 - Q693
MODU Engineer
Exam Code: Endorsement: Modules:
MODE01 Chief Q730 - Q750
MODE02 Assistant Q715 - Q717

Deck Officer


River Endorsements

MODU Endorsements