Deck Officer


River Endorsements

MODU Endorsements

Exam Code: RVR05
Endorsement: Master of Less than 100 Gross Registered Tons
Modules: Q300 - Q403


Examination Modules and Topics: Click on Module Title for Sample Exam
Grey Boxes Represent Major Topic Headings In Accordance With 46 CFR Subchapter B

Q300-Rules of the Road: Inland Q401-Deck General and Safety Q402-Navigation General Rivers Q403-Chart Plot
Watchkeeping Seamanship Stability, Construction, and Damage Control Navigation and Position Determination Piloting
Inland Navigational Rules Marlinspike Seamanship Trim and Stability Piloting Chart Navigation2
  Purchases, Blocks, & Tackle Vessel Power Plants Chart Navigation2 Dead Reckoning
  Watchkeeping Small Engine Operations & Maintenance Instruments & Accessories Electronic Navigation
  Basic Principles, Watchkeeping Fire Prevention and Firefighting Appliances Aids to Navigation Instruments & Accessories
  Vessel Maneuvering and Handling Organization of Fire Drills Charts, Navigation Publication, & Notices to Mariners Aids to Navigation
  Vessel Handling in Rivers & Estuaries Classes and Chemistry of Fire Compass - Magnetic & Gyro Charts, Navigation Publication, & Notices to Mariners
  Maneuvering in Shallow Water Firefighting Systems Principles of Magnetic Compass  
  Interaction with Bank/Passing Ship Basic Firefighting and Prevention Magnetic Compass Error/Correction  
  Berthing and Unberthing Emergency Procedures Meteorology and Oceanography  
  General: Turn Circle, Pivot Point, Advance and Transfer Collision Characteristics of Weather Systems  
  Wake Reduction Temporary Repairs    
  Maritime Law Passenger/Crew Safety in Emergencies    
  National Maritime Law Fire or Explosion
  Credentialing of Seaman Abandon Ship Procedures    
  Shipboard Management and Training Rescuing Survivors from Ship/Aircraft in Distress    
  Ship Sanitation Man Overboard Procedures    
  Vessel Alteration/Repair/Hot Work Emergency Towing    
  Safety Communications    
  Ship's Business Signals: Storm/Wreck/Distress/Special    
  Certificates and Documents Required      
2 River chart navigation only.