Deck Officer


River Endorsements

MODU Endorsements

Exam Code: RVR04
Endorsement: Master or Mate of Less than 200 Gross Registered Tons
Modules: Q300 - Q400


Examination Modules and Topics: Click on Module Title for Sample Exam
Grey Boxes Represent Major Topic Headings In Accordance With 46 CFR Subchapter B

Q300-Rules of the Road: Inland Q396-Deck General and Safety Q397-Navigation General Rivers Q398-Chart Plot Q400-Navigation and Deck General Safety
Watchkeeping Seamanship Credentialing of Seaman Firefighting Equipment & Regulations7 Navigation and Position Determination Piloting Seamanship
Inland Navigational Rules Marlinspike Seamanship Shipboard Management and Training Basic Firefighting and Prevention Piloting Chart Navigation2 Marlinspike Seamanship
  Purchases, Blocks, & Tackle Ship Sanitation Emergency Procedures Chart Navigation2 Dead Reckoning Purchases, Blocks, & Tackle

Vessel Alteration/

Repair/Hot Work

Collision Instruments & Accessories Electronic Navigation Cargo Handling and Stowage
  Basic Principles, Watchkeeping Safety Temporary Repairs Aids to Navigation Instruments & Accessories Cargo Stowage and Security, including Cargo Gear
  Vessel Maneuvering and Handling Ship's Business Passenger/Crew Safety in Emergencies Charts, Navigation Publication, & Notices to Mariners Aids to Navigation Tank Vessel and Fuel Oil Operations
  Vessel Handling in Rivers & Estuaries Certificates and Documents Required Fire or Explosion Compass - Magnetic & Gyro Charts, Navigation Publication, & Notices to Mariners Maritime Law
  Maneuvering in Shallow Water Stability, Construction, and Damage Control Abandon Ship Procedures Principles of Magnetic Compass   National Maritime Law

Interaction with Bank/

Passing Ship

Trim and Stability Emergency Steering7

Magnetic Compass Error/


  Stability, Construction, and Damage Control
  Berthing and Unberthing Damage Control7 Rescuing Survivors from Ship/Aircraft in Distress Meteorology and Oceanography   Damage Control
  General: Turn Circle, Pivot Point, Advance and Transfer Vessel Power Plants Man Overboard Procedures Characteristics of Weather Systems   Vessel Power Plants
  Wake Reduction Marine Engineering Terms7 Emergency Towing     Marine Engineering Terms
  Cargo Handling and Stowage Small Engine Operations & Maintenance Communications     Fire Prevention and Firefighting Appliances
  Cargo Stowage and Security, including Cargo Gear7 Fire Prevention and Firefighting Appliances

Signals: Storm/




Firefighting Equipment & Regulations
  Tank Vessel and Fuel Oil Operations7 Organization of Fire Drills Lifesaving     Emergency Procedures:
  Maritime Law Classes and Chemistry of Fire Lifesaving Appliance Regulations7     Emergency Steering
  National Maritime Law Firefighting Systems Lifesaving Appliance Operation7     Lifesaving
            Lifesaving Appliance Regulations
            Lifesaving Appliance Operation
            Chart Navigation2
            Instruments & Accessories
            Aids to Navigation
            Charts, Navigation Publication, & Notices to Mariners
            Compass - Magnetic & Gyro
            Principles of Magnetic Compass
            Magnetic Compass Error/Correction
            Meteorology and Oceanography
            Characteristics of Weather Systems
2 River chart navigation only.
7 Only for officer endorsements of 100 GRT or more.