Deck Officer


River Endorsements

MODU Endorsements

Exam Code: FCP01
Endorsement: First Class Pilot
Modules: Q100 - Q375


Examination Modules and Topics: Click on Module Title for Sample Exam
Grey Boxes Represent Major Topic Headings In Accordance With 46 CFR Subchapter B

Q100-Rules of the Road: International and Inland Q300-Rules of the Road: Inland Q370-Deck General/Safety Q371-Navigation General Q372 or Q373-Chart Plot Q374-Local Knowledge Q375-Chart Sketch
Watchkeeping Watchkeeping Seamanship Navigation and Position Determination: Piloting Determined by CG Sector for local area and desired route. Contact REC for details. Chart Sketch 4
COLREGS Inland Navigational Rules Marlinspike Seamanship Estimated Time of Arrival Distance Off   Determined by CG Sector for local area and desired route. Contact REC for details.
Inland Navigational Rules   Purchases, Blocks, & Tackle Piloting Bearing Problems    
    Vessel Maneuvering and Handling Distance Off Fix or Running Fix    
    Approaching Pilot Vessel or Station Bearing Problems Chart Navigation    
    Vessel Handling in Rivers & Estuaries Fix or Running Fix Dead Reckoning    
    Maneuvering in Shallow Water Chart Navigation Electronic Navigation    
    Interaction with Bank/Passing Ship Dead Reckoning Instruments & Accessories    
    Berthing and Unberthing Electronic Navigation Aids to Navigation    
    Anchoring and Mooring Instruments & Accessories Charts, Navigation Publication, & Notices to Mariners    
    General: Turn Circle, Pivot Point, Advance and Transfer Aids to Navigation      
    Wake Reduction Charts, Navigation Publication, & Notices to Mariners      
    Fire Prevention and Firefighting Appliances Watchkeeping      
    Firefighting Systems Basic Principles, Watchkeeping      
    Firefighting Equipment & Regulations Navigation Safety Regulations (33 CFR 164)      
    Basic Firefighting and Prevention Compass - Magnetic & Gyro      
    Maritime Law Principles of Magnetic Compass      
    National Maritime Law Gyro Compass Error/Correction      
      Magnetic Compass Error/Correction      
      Determination of Compass Error:      
      Terrestrial Observation      
      Meteorology and Oceanography      
      Tides and Tidal Currents      
4 Including recommended courses, distances, prominent aids to navigation, depths of waters in channels and over hazardous shoals, and other important features of the route, such as character of the bottom . The Coast Guard may accept chart sketching of only a portion or portions of the route for long or extended routes.