Domestic Ports Division

Name Based Terrorist Check (NBTC)
  • As per NVIC 9-02 Ch3:

Revisions to 33 CFR Part 103.305(c) grant the Coast Guard authority to request a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) name-based terrorist check on all AMSC members if it is determined by the FMSC that they will need access to SSI. FMSCs will provide the information required for name based terrorist checks to TSA via Coast Guard Headquarters. The TSA name based terrorist check is required unless the member possesses a federally issued security clearance, is a credentialed Federal, State, or Local official, holds a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC), or has passed a comparable security threat assessment. All new AMSC members needing a name-based terrorist check will be screened against the terrorist watch list prior to having access to SSI. All AMSC members currently having access to SSI will continue to do so while the name-based terrorist check is being performed. If a FMSC has not received written notification that an AMSC member is barred from access to SSI after 30 days from submitting their name, the FMSC may assume that any name submitted was cleared and is acceptable for the purposes of access to SSI. In addition, the FMSC must determine that, prior to discussing or distributing SSI with AMSC members, those members are “Covered Persons” with a “need to know,” and have signed a non-disclosure agreement. Guidance on “Covered Persons” and “need to know” is provided in reference (j). 

  • How do I apply?

AMSC member information shall be submitted directly to CG-FAC-1 by emailing the required information to FMSCs shall submit the information by populating the excel sheet provided on homeport through; under Missions > Maritime Security > Area Maritime Security Committees > Name Based Terrorist Check > TSA Name Based Terrorist Check Form. A homeport account is needed to access this spreadsheet and you must be logged on to homeport to access it. Before submitting the information to CG-FAC-1, FMSCs shall name the excel sheet with your unit name and the date submitted (example: Sector St. Petersburg 30JAN09).


NVIC 9-02 Ch4