Domestic Ports Division

Sea Partners Program



The Sea Partners Campaign is an environmental education and outreach program focused on communities at large to develop community awareness of maritime pollution issues and to improve compliance with marine environmental protection laws and regulations. 

Sea Partners messages include:

  1. The effects of oil, hazardous chemicals, waste and debris on the marine environment.
  2. How marine environmental protection laws and regulations apply to various marine users.
  3. Ways groups and individuals can take action to protect the marine environment.

For more information about Sea Partners, contact your nearest Coast Guard Marine Safety Office or Captain of the Port

Goals of the Sea Partners Campaign:

  1. Increase compliance with MEP laws & regulations by educating waterways users on how those laws effect them.
  2. Raise community awareness of marine pollution issues.
  3. Prevent discharge of marine pollutants.
  4. Increase citizen reporting by publicizing the 1-800 NRC spill reporting number.

Sea Partners Campaign Flyer

Program Operations:
  1. Each Sector encouraged to have a team of trained Sea Partners.
  2. Reserve members can receive ADSW orders for the days they participate.
  3. Auxiliary members support Sector activities as well as working through traditional Auxiliary outlets - boating safety classes, vessel safety checks, marina visits, boat show booths.

Supply order form; please remember to include a small description of the event you are participating with including date, location, activity, and number of people.

Fun and Education: