International R&D Programs



As required by the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 "the Interagency Committee shall coordinate and cooperate with other nations and foreign research entities in conducting oil pollution research, development, and demonstration activities, including controlled field tests of oil discharges." The Interagency Committee interacts with the international R&D community through a number of venues and exchanges. The following are links to several international programs, initiatives, and stakeholders.




 Program  Link / Documents
Norway - The Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research (SINTEF)
Norway - The Research Council of Norway
Canada - Environment Canada - Environmental Science and Technology Centre
Australia - Cooperative Research Centre for the Great Barrier Reef World  Heritage Area
Japan - Petroleum Association of Japan
France - Centre of Documentation, Research and Experimentation on Accidental  Water Pollution (CEDRE)
ASTM International
International Maritime Organization (IMO)
International Committee on Regulatory Authority Research and Development  (ICRARD)


Last Modified: 6/19/2020