Response Class - Research that supports techniques and technologies that address the immediate and short-term effects of an oil spill and encompasses all activities involved in containing, cleaning up, treating, and disposing oil in order to: 1) maintain safety of human life; 2) stabilize a situation to preclude further damage; and, 3) minimize adverse environmental and socioeconomic effects.

Using the OPRTP framework as a guide, member organizations of the Interagency Committee managed and funded a number of new and on-going research projects.  Catalogued below are Response Class research projects under taken by the member agencies of the Interagency Committee during Fiscal Years 2016 - 2017.  Please note that in many instances, research is being conducted by other entities such as federal agencies not currently represented on the Interagency Committee, or by state, local, academic and industry researchers which are not captured below.  Interagency Committee members closely monitor these efforts, and coordinate with these entities.