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This page outlines oil pollution R&D initiatives or programs supported by industry and commercial entities who offer public links to their activities. The industry and commercial entities listed on this page are not exclusive. To request that a new oil pollution R&D initiative or program be considered for this page please email


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International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation - ITOPF is recognized and respected globally as a source of objective technical expertise in the area of accidental spills of oil and chemicals from ships. Its mission is to promote effective response to marine spills of oil, chemicals and other substances. Investing in R&D is one way ITOPF meets this objective. Website:
Annual R&D Award:
Joint Industry Task Force - Experts from the industry have convened the Joint Industry Oil Spill Preparedness & Response Task Force (Oil Spill JITF) to work cooperatively to address issues from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. The Oil Spill JITF examined both the industry's ability to respond to a "Spill of National Significance (SONS)" and the actual response to the DWH subsea release based on information currently available. The Joint Industry Oil Spill Preparedness & Response Task Force (JITF) is comprised of member companies and affiliates of the American Petroleum Institute (API), International Association of Drilling Contractors, (IADC) Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA), National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) and US Oil and Gas Association (USOGA). Links to all of the JITF's progress reports are provided here. Website:

Polaris Applied Sciences, Inc.
Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative - On May 24, 2010, shortly after the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, BP announced a commitment of up to $500 million to an open research program designed to study the impact of the oil spill and its associated response on the environment and public health in the Gulf of Mexico. The guiding principles of the GRI maintain that the $500 million committed by BP will be level-loaded over a period of ten years for independent scientific research conducted primarily at academic institutions in the U.S. Gulf Coast States. However, institutions from outside the Gulf region, as well as for profit entities, will be welcome to participate. Also, the funds will be distributed using peer evaluations (National Science Board Process) and will be used strictly for research activities such as sampling, modeling and studies, not acquisition of infrastructure. And finally, all research will be published in peer-reviewed scientific journals with no requirement for BP approval.
SL Ross Environmental Research Ltd
Environmental Research Consulting  
Petroleum Environmental Research Forum (PERF)  
Arctic Oil Spill Response Technology Joint Industry Programme - A joint committee comprising members of the IPIECA Oil Spill Working Group (OSWG), Industry Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC) and the API Emergency Preparedness and Response Program Group (EP&RPG) was formed in May 2009. The remit of the Joint Committee was to review prior and future work by the oil and gas industry on prevention and response to oil spills in ice, identify technology advances and research needs in industry preparedness, and prioritize identified issues. The outcome of this effort was the recommendation to establish a Joint Industry Programme (JIP) to undertake various research projects that have been identified to improve industry capabilities and coordination in the area of Arctic oil spill response. The JIP will be managed under OGP for the Industry.   Website:

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