Safety & Suitability

Every application that requires a safety and suitability evaluation is completed by the Safety and Suitability Evaluation Branch. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is the primary source for conducting background investigations. The Code of Federal Regulations is also used to determine the safety and suitability of an applicant.

The Next Phase

The evaluator will determine if the mariner is able to move to the next phase of the process. If the application is missing required TWIC, citizenship, proof of lawful permanent residence/nationality, or conviction statement an Awaiting Information (AI) Letter will be sent to the mariner, which will delay credential issuance.

Details on Conviction Statements, TWICs, Driving Records, Criminal Records, and ID/Citizenship can be found in the tabs below.


Conviction Statement

Each applicant must disclose all convictions in section III of the application CG 719B (Application) that were not previously disclosed.

If an applicant pleads guilty to or is given one of the following, in any jurisdiction, they are considered to have received a conviction:

  • Guilty / no contest
  • Deferred adjudication
  • Required class attendance
  • Contributions of time / money
  • Receive treatment
  • Probation / supervision
  • Forgo appeal of court’s conviction


Expungement of a conviction will not negate a conviction unless the expungement shows that the court's earlier conviction was in error.