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Armament Cooperation

The increasing global complexity and expanding demand for Coast Guard services requires the best people, modern technology, resilient infrastructure, and highly capable assets.


CASE STUDY: U.S. Coast Guard C-27J ‘Spartan’ Aircraft Agreement

In 2017, the Coast Guard successfully integrated 14 C-27J Spartan twin-turboprop aircraft into its medium-range surveillance aircraft fleet to perform drug and migrant interdiction, disaster response, and search-and-rescue missions. The Spartan’s range, endurance, speed, and payload make it a tremendously valuable airborne Coast Guard asset. 

These aircraft continue to undergo technological advances and upgrades to enhance and further expand the aircraft’s capabilities. The Spartans are based at Coast Guard Air Stations in Sacramento, California, and Clearwater, Florida, to perform and support missions across the coastal areas of the United States.

The Coast Guard Office of International Affairs and Foreign Policy collaborates with international allies who operate the C-27J aircraft to strengthen relationships requiring interoperable systems, shared logistics, and create economies of scale.

The Italian Air Force and the Royal Australian Air Force entered into a Joint Cargo Aircraft agreement with the Coast Guard to develop and enhance a strategic cooperative partnership.

Armament Cooperation is the critical determinant permitting the Coast Guard to share C-27J aircraft technologies and research and development to build collaboration among allies. This initiative continues to grow, with additional countries showing an interest to participate in a broader international user-group of C-27J operators. The Coast Guard is leading the way to broaden the Spartan community across the globe, participating in security and defense efforts.

The aircraft, crews, and maintenance sustainment efforts deliver superior around-the-clock mission excellence to meet national priorities head-on in steady state and crisis environments. The embodiment of the aircraft and Coast Guard professionals exemplifies Coast Guard excellence, anytime, anywhere.

U.S. Coast Guard C-27J




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