U. S. Coast Guard Office of Search and Rescue (CG-SAR)

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U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Centers (RCCs)

24 hour Regional Contacts for Emergencies

RCC Location Area of SAR Coordination Responsibility Phone Number
Atlantic Area SAR Coordinator Commander
U.S. Coast Guard
Atlantic Area
Portsmouth, Virginia
Overall responsibility for areas covered by RCC Boston, RCC Norfolk, RCC Miami, RSC San Juan, RCC New Orleans and RCC Cleveland plus a portion of the North Atlantic Ocean out to 40 degrees west longitude. (757)398-6700
RCC Boston Commander
1st Coast Guard District
Boston, Massachusetts
New England down to and including a portion of Northern New Jersey plus U.S. waters of Lake Champlain. (617)223-8555
RCC Norfolk Commander
5th Coast Guard District
Portsmouth, Virginia
Mid-Atlantic states including the majority of New Jersey down to the North Carolina / South Carolina Border. (757)398-6231
RCC Miami Commander
7th Coast Guard District
Miami, Florida
Southeast states from the South Carolina / North Carolina border around to the eastern end of the Florida panhandle plus a large portion of the Caribbean Sea. (305)415-6800
RSC San Juan
(Sub-Center of RCC Miami)
Sector San Juan
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Southeast portion of the Caribbean Sea (787)289-2042
RCC New Orleans Commander
8th Coast Guard District
New Orleans, Louisiana
Southern states including the Florida panhandle to the U.S. / Mexico border in Texas plus the inland rivers including the Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio and tributaries. (504)589-6225
RCC Cleveland Commander
9th Coast Guard District
Cleveland, Ohio
U.S. waters of the Great Lakes, their connecting rivers and tributaries. (216)902-6117
Pacific SAR Coordinator Commander
U.S. Coast Guard
Pacific Area
Alameda, California
Overall responsibility for areas covered by RCC Alameda, RCC Seattle, RCC Honolulu and RCC Juneau. (510)437-3701
RCC Alameda Commander
11th Coast Guard District
Alameda, California
California and Eastern Pacific Ocean waters assigned by international convention off the Coast of Mexico. (510)437-3701
RCC Seattle Commander
13th Coast Guard District
Seattle, Washington
Oregon and Washington (206)220-7001
RCC Honolulu
14th Coast Guard District
Honolulu, Hawaii
Land and waters of Hawaii, U.S. Pacific Islands and waters of Central Pacific Ocean assigned by international convention (extending from as far as 6 degrees south to 40 degrees north latitude and as far as 110 west to 130 east longitude). (808) 535-3333
RSC Guam
(Sub-Center of RCC Honolulu)
Forces Micronesia / Sector Guam Guam and other U.S. territories and possessions in the far western Pacific Ocean. (671)355-4824
RCC Juneau Commander
17th Coast Guard District
Juneau, Alaska
Alaska, U.S. waters in North Pacific Ocean, Bering Sea, and Arctic Ocean (907)463-2000