Catastrophic Incident SAR (CISAR) 
Guidance and documents pertaining to CISAR 

Catastrophic Incident SAR Addendum - June 2023

The Catastrophic Incident SAR Addendum (CISAR) reflects up-to-date processes for Emergency Support Function (ESF) #9, SAR coordination, and encapsulates all that has been learned from decades of experience. The NSARC aims for the CISAR Addendum to continually improve national preparedness and SAR response to catastrophic incidents in support of States, Tribes, Territories/Insular Areas, and local authorities. Version 4.0 provides additional information and lessons learned from disasters that have occurred since Version 3.0 was promulgated. This version has updated guidance to help agencies conduct CISAR operations in increasingly complex, confusing, and challenging environments for multiagency response.


Coast Guard Emergency Support Function (ESF) #9/Catastrophic Incident Search and Rescue (CISAR) Policy (July, 2018)
The memo and enclosure (1) provides Coast Guard policy for the coordination and conduct of Emergency Support Function (ESF) #9/Catastrophic Incident Search and Rescue (CISAR) operations.