USCG: IMO Subcommittee on Implementation of IMO Instruments (III)

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Under the direct instruction of the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) and the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), the Sub-Committee on Implementation of IMO Instruments (III), considers matters related to the following subjects:

  • review the rights and obligations of States emanating from the IMO treaty instruments;
  • assess, monitor and review the current level of implementation of IMO instruments by States in their capacity as flag, port and coastal States, with a view to identify areas where States may have difficulties in fully implementing them;
  • identify the reasons for the difficulties in implementing provisions of relevant IMO instruments, taking into account any relevant Port State Control (PSC) data, while paying particular attention to difficulties face by developing counties;
  • consider proposals to assist States in implementing and complying with IMO instruments by the development of appropriate instruments, guidelines and recommendations; analyze investigation reports into marine casualties and incidents and maintain an efficient and comprehensive knowledge-based mechanism to support the identification of trends and feed into the IMO rule-making process;
  • review IMO standards on maritime safety and security and the protection of the marine environment, to maintain an updated and harmonized guidance on survey and certification related requirements; promote global harmonization of PSC activities

Public Meeting

The next session of the Sub-Committee on Implementation of IMO-Instruments (III 3) will take place in September, 2017 at the IMO headquarters, in London, England.  More specifics on the meeting will follow in the future.

Previous Sessions

At the end of each ISI meeting, a final report is prepared for submission to the Maritime Safety and Marine Environment Protection Committees. The final report provides a record of the issues discussed and actions taken by the Sub-Committee. The final reports of the most recent III and FSI meetings are provided for your reference.

Additional Documentation

Additional III meeting documents can be made available by the Coast Guard for U.S. citizens only. Please contact
Mr. Christopher Gagnon if you would like to obtain additional III or FSI documents.

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