The CSNCOE, with assistance from the training development staff at Yorktown, has developed a week long foreign passenger vessel examiner training program that focuses on the interpretation and application of foreign passenger vessel law, regulation, policy and procedure, including Ro-Ro passenger vessels.

This training is designed to support field units with individuals seeking to obtain the FPVE qualification, and assist Sectors, MSU's, and MSD's effort to maintain an adequate level of highly qualified FPVE's while acting as a force multiplier to improve overall consistency. Trainees will be given classroom, on-the-job, and, when possible, shipboard visits. Training subjects will be based upon the unit's needs as determined by the results of a voluntary assessment conducted by the CSNCOE.

The training provides a structured training program mirroring the newly developed Performance Quality Standards (PQS).

The program had its pilot run at the CSNCOE facilities in September 2013 with units throughout District 7. The CSNCOE successfully tested the ability to take the training on the road by completing a second convening at Sector Puerto Rico in February 2014. The ability to take the training on the road allows for us to provide greater exposure for Coast Guard units that might not have the ability to send personnel to our facilities in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

If you feel your unit would benefit from this program, whether for new members or a refresher course for your already qualified members, please contact us at