FPVE Work Instructions:

Foreign passenger vessels that embark passengers at United States ports or that visit U.S. ports with U.S. citizens embarked as passengers must be verified on an annual basis before the Certificate of Compliance (COC) expires, and at least once during the period of validity of the COC. 

These work instructions provide clear guidance and information for U.S. Coast Guard Foreign Passenger Vessel Examiners (FPVEs), shipyards, owner/operators, and third-party stakeholders in the preparation and execution of required Coast Guard exams (Initial, Annual, and Periodic).  This guidance does not limit FPVEs from expanding or modifying the examination scope provided there is reasonable grounds that do not deviate from USCG or IMO requirements. 

This is not a substitute for applicable legal requirements, nor is itself a rule. It provides guidance for Coast Guard personnel and does not impose legally-binding requirements on any party outside the Coast Guard.

5PTI-WI-CSNCOE-006 Guide for Conducting Annual COC Exams can be found here.

MPS-WI-CSNCOE-05 Guide for Conducting Initial COC Exams can be found here.

Foreign Passenger Vessel Examiners Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) For Periodic Exams can be found here.

Process Guides:

The FPVE Process Guides are designed to assist qualified Foreign Passenger Vessel Examiners (FPVE's) with completing examinations in a comprehensive manner while walking each deck from bow to stern. 

The process guides contains an extensive list of systems and equipment that may be examined during an annual, periodic or unannounced exam. It is a memory jogger and should not be construed as an exhaustive check list of examination procedures.

The process guides do not establish or change Federal laws or regulations. Refer to IMO publications, CFR's, the Port State Control Job Aid, NVIC’s, MMS work instructions, and any locally produced guides for specific regulatory references.

Annual Foreign Passenger Vessel Exam Process Guide can be found here.

Periodic Foreign Passenger Vessel Exam Process Guide can be found here.

Initial Foreign Passenger Vessel Exam Process Guide can be found here.

Instructions for printing Process Guides into booklet format