CSNCOE has managed the Passenger Ship Survey Certification (PSSC) survey training program in accordance with CG-543 Policy Letter 11-13 (canceled and replaced with CVC-PR-036). This program has been changed to the Foreign Passenger Vessel Examiner Capstone Training Program.  This Procedure incorporates best practices observed during past participation of PSSC survey training and new training objectives of the Marine Inspector Performance Support Architecture (MIPSA) project to build a learning continuum for FPVEs. The FPVE Capstone Training Program standardizes CSNCOE training support for Journeyman Marine Inspectors (JMI) and Advanced Journeyman Marine Inspectors (AJMI) who are certified FPVEs and currently assigned to positions where they conduct Certificate of Compliance exams on foreign passenger vessels.

The CSNCOE is responsible for coordinating with operators and recognized organizations (RO) to build a schedule of PSSC surveys taking place in U.S. waters at the beginning of each calendar year. An updated PSSC survey schedule will be maintained on the CSNCOE CGPortal page. MITOs and unit training officers are responsible for reviewing the schedule for available training opportunities in their ports and coordinating with CSNCOE for JMI/AJMI participation. CSNCOE will issue a certificate of completion to all participants who complete the FPVE Capstone Training Program in accordance with this Procedure.

Please contact Mr. Dan Brehm, program coordinator, and copy the CSNCOE general email account if you interested in participating in this program. Mr. Brehm will facilitate your communication with the correct parties. In your notification, be sure to indicate your preferred dates and location.