Foreign Passenger Vessel Examiner (FPVE) PQS is required as per U.S. Coast Guard Sector Organization Manual, COMDTINST M5401.6 (Series) and Mandatory Use of the Training Management Tool, COMDTINST 5270.2 (Series) for anyone beginning to pursue the FPVE certification.

Members previously certified as FPVEs, prior to August 2014, are not required to complete the current PQS workbook. However, it is strongly recommended that all previously certified FPVEs review the content of the new PQS workbook as they will be responsible for understanding and applying the content during the recertification process and during inspections.

All Verifying Officers(VO) must be familiar with the PQS content, particularly the task, condition, steps, and VO Guidance. Not all steps supporting a task need to be completed at the same time. However, all steps must be completed prior to signing off the task. Additionally, the VO must take into account the VO guidance when determining successful completion of a step and task.

The PQS contains several prerequisites including completion of the Foreign Passenger Vessel Examiner Course (500317), completion of the Cruise Ship Rider Performance Guide (Please contact the National Technical Advisor (954-767-2140 ext. 1001) and copy the CSNCOE general email account to enroll in the Cruise Ship Rider program), and completion of one Port State Control Officer or one Domestic Marine Inspector competency. The preamble of the FPVE PQS discusses the possible deferment of these prerequisites and the acceptable deferment timelines.

Upon completion of the FPVE PQS workbook, unit training officers shall enter the proper data into the Training Management Tool (TMT).

The FPVE PQS also aligns with the FPVE Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) that were announced via ALCOAST 546/13.

The Foreign Passenger Vessel Examiner 2021 PQS is available here.

The Foreign Passenger Vessel Examiner 2021 PQS RORO Addendum is available here.

MPS-PR-CSNCOE-01(02) Conducting Foreign Passenger Vessel Annual or Periodic Examination is available here.

MPS-PR-SEC-02(03) Scheduling Foreign Vessel Examinations is available here.

MPS-PR-SEC-04(03) Preparing for Inspections and Examinations is available here.