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Great Lakes Pilotage Division


The Office of Great Lakes Pilotage  (CG-WWM-2) develops clear and timely regulations, policy and direction to three U.S. pilot associations to provide safe, efficient, and reliable pilotage service to US vessels operating under registry and foreign vessels transiting the Saint Lawrence and Great Lakes system.

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Application Medical Certicate Form CG-719K (03/21)

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Pilot Association Monthly Reports


   D1 Monthly Report                     D2 Monthly Report                             D3 Monthly Report

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Great Lakes Pilotage Advisory Committe (GLPA)

Congress established the Great Lakes Pilotage Advisory Committee in the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 1998.  The Committee was established to make recommendations to the Secretary on matters relating to Great Lakes pilotage, including review of proposed Great Lakes pilotage regulations and policies.  The Committee operates under the authority of 46 United States Code 9307.

Next GLPAC meeting: Scheduled for September 1, 2021 in Cape Vincent, NY

Location: Saint Lawrence Seaway Pilots' Association conference facility.

POC: Vincent Berg, 202-906-0835,

Federal Register Notice - GLPAC 2021

GLPAC Transcript 9-1-2020

GLPAC Transcript Summary 9-1-2020

Any transcripts of previous GLPAC meetings can be requested from the Great Lakes Pilotage Office.
Governing Statute and Regulations
Shared Responsibility with Canada
•   Memorandum of Understanding with Canadian Great Lakes Pilotage Authority (2013)
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The Great Lakes Pilotage Office can be contacted at: HQS-PF-CG-WWM2 Great Lakes Pilotage


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