How to File a Management Information System (MIS) Report

General Instructions

Marine employers are required to file a Management Information System (MIS) Report with the US Coast Guard by March 15th of each year.

To assist marine employers in meeting this requirement, the US Coast Guard provides a simple process. The following guidance is intended to assist marine employers in filing their MIS Report.

The filing process is the same for each year. There is no requirement for a Username or Password to file your MIS Report.

To file your MIS Report by email:

1. Complete one of the following MIS Reporting Forms.  PDF and Word formats of the MIS form are attached for your convenience. An electronic signature or pen and ink signature is required for each report submitted.

2. When your MIS Form is completed, please send an electronic copy via email to DAPI@USCG.MIL

3. Each MIS Report sent electronically to the DAPI@USCG.MIL email address will be reviewed and recorded. Please keep a record of your sent email to document your filing.

To file your MIS Report by US Mail or other postage:

1. Complete the attached MIS Reporting Form. PDF and Word formats of the MIS form and instructions on how to complete the MIS report are attached to this email for your convenience.

2. When your MIS Form is completed and printed, please send to:

US Coast Guard
Office of Investigations and Analysis, DAPI
2703 Martin Luther King Ave S.E.
Stop 7581 Washington, DC 20593-7581


It is strongly recommended that MIS Reports be filed by email as MIS Reports sent by post may be untraceable.

Thank you for your time and support in this regard to protect the safety of our mariners, the public and our maritime transportation system.