Renewals, Late Renewals, Abstract of Title and/or Certified Copies of CODs and Change of Address can be processed online here:
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Payment for all other services must be made via check or credit card (form listed below)
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To avoid any compatibility issues and/or delays in processing your application(s), you must use the latest version of Adobe Reader to complete fillable applications.
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Initial Vessel Documentation (vessel never CG documented)

Exchange, Reinstatement or Return to Documentation

Replacement Certificate of Documentation

Filing of Instruments via email (.PDF filing) and mail

Priority Handling Criteria

Certificate of Documentation Application for Renewal

Deletion from Documentation

Notice of Claim of Lien

Preferred Ship Mortgages and Related Instruments Information

Requirements for Instruments Evidencing Satisfaction or Release

Sample Satisfaction/Release of Mortgage

Sample Change of Address

Determination Request Submission Process



CG-7042 Credit Card Form

CG-1258 Application For Initial Issue, Exchange, Or Replacement Of Certificate Of Documentation; Redocumentation

CG-1261 Builders Certificate

CG-5397 Application For Simplified Measurement

CG-1340 Bill of Sale

CG-5542 Optional Application For Filing (Mortgage)

CG-4593 Application, Consent, And Approval For Withdrawal Of Application For Documentation Or Exchange Of Certificate Of Documentation

CG-1356 Bill Of Sale By Government Entity Pursuant To Court Order Or Administrative Decree Of Forfeiture

CG-1280 Renewal of Certificate of Documentation

CG-7043 Abstract of Title or Certified Copy of COD Request Form


 Alterations to the format of any application or form cannot be accepted and will require resubmission.

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