Summary: Best Practices related to port facility security infrastructure.

     BP#         Location Observed
 BP01-SI  Port of LaHaina, Dominican Republic
 BP02-SI  CentrePort, New Zealand
 BP03-SI  Port of LaHaina, Dominican Republic
 BP04-SI  Port of Rades, Tunisia
 BP05-SI  Puerto Cabello, Venezuela
 BP06-SI  Port of Brisbane, Australia
 BP07-SI  PSA Container Terminal, Singapore
 BP08-SI  Altamira, Mexico
 BP09-SI  Port of Neva, Mumbai, India
 BP10-SI  Various Ports, Jamaica
 BP11-SI  San Paulo, Brazil
 BP12-SI  Port of Galati, Romania
 BP13-SI  Multi-Rio, Brazil
 BP14-SI  Fosfertil, Brazil
 BP15-SI  Manzanillo, Mexico
 BP16-SI  Port of Braila, Romania
 BP17-SI  Port of Acajutla, El Salvador
 BP18-SI  Russia

Updated: April 14, 2014