Ballast Water Management Regulations, 2012

Official regulations are on-line at these links to the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR). The Federal Register Notices that published the Final Rule and correction notices in 2012 are provided as PDF files on the right in the "Supporting Documents" box.

Title 33 Part 151

and Title 46 Part 162

Subpart 162.060—Ballast Water Management Systems




BW Reporting and Recordkeeping Rule, November 24, 2015


This final rule amends the Coast Guard’s ballast water management reporting and recordkeeping requirements. Upon the effective date of this rule (February 22, 2016), the Coast Guard will require vessels with ballast tanks operating exclusively on voyages between ports or places within a single Captain of the Port Zone to submit an annual report of their ballast water management practices. This rule also simplifies and streamlines the ballast water report form. Finally, this rule will allow most vessels to submit ballast water reports after arrival at a port or place of destination, instead of requiring submission of such reports prior to arrival. This rule will reduce the administrative burden on the regulated population, while still providing the Coast Guard with the information necessary to analyze and understand ballast water management practices.

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