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In order to ensure our PRGs provide the most up-to-date guidance, we revise them when appropriate. If you download these files to your local drives, be advised that they may be superseded by future revisions.

 PRG  Title  Revision Date
 C1-01  Review of Sistership Determination and Extension of Plan Approvals  26JAN16
 C1-03  Crane Lifting Calculations  5AUG16
 C1-05  OSV General Arrangements  3AUG17
 C1-06  OSV Stability  13FEB14
 C1-08  OSV Structural Fire Protection  30MAR12
 C1-09  Non-tank Barge General Arrangements, Structures, and Structural Fire Protection  30MAR12
 C1-10  Review of Miscellaneous Barge Stability  12AUG16
 C1-11  Tank Barge Plan Review Information Sheet  19APR16
 C1-12  Inland Tank Barge Structures and Longitudinal Strength  02JAN20
 C1-13  Inland Tank Barge Stability  20FEB20
 C1-14  Oceangoing Tank Barge Structures and Longitudinal Strength  13FEB14
 C1-15  Oceangoing Tank Barge Stability  21FEB20
 C1-16  Tank Barge General Arrangements  15OCT19
 C1-17  Oil Field Waste Barge General Arrangement, Structures, and Stability  13FEB14
 C1-20  Oil Spill Response Vessel Stability  2FEB11
 C1-21  Tankship Stability and Hypothetical Oil Outflow  23JAN12
 C1-22  Review of Tankship General Arrangements  23JAN12
 C1-23  Tankship Structural Fire Protection  30MAR12
 C1-24  Oil and Chemical Tankship Structures  2MAY12
 C1-25  Chemical Tankship General Arrangements  19MAR12
 C1-26  Chemical Tankship Structural Fire Protection  2MAY12
 C1-27  Chemical Tankship Lightship and Stability  29FEB16
 C1-28  Gas Carrier Plan Review Information Sheet  25NOV19
 C1-29  Gas Carrier General Arrangements  11JUN18
 C1-30  Gas Carrier Stability  25APR14
 C1-31  Gas Carrier Structural Fire Protection  25APR14
 C1-32  Gas Carrier and Barge Structures  24JAN12
 C1-34  Review of Liftboat Stability Calculations  20JAN12
 C1-35  Liftboat General Arrangements  13FEB14
 C1-40  Inland Tank Barge Cargo Authority  25SEP15
 C1-41  Gas Carrier Barge Cargo Authority  27JAN12
 C1-42  Oceangoing Tank Barge Cargo Authority  1AUG18
 C1-43  Generation of Subchapter O Endorsement  5JUL17
 C1-44  Procedures and Arrangements Manual  15OCT19
 C1-46  Vapor Control System  8JAN18
 C2-33  MODU Stability  18OCT16
 C2-36  MODU General Arrangements  18OCT16
 E1-02  Bilge and Ballast Systems  10JUL20
 E1-03  Watermist Fire Suppression Systems  16FEB17
 E1-04  Compressed Air Systems  16DEC13
 E1-05  Engine Cooling Systems  16FEB17
 E1-06  Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression Systems  7AUG17
 E1-07  Engine Exhaust Systems  27JUL10
 E1-08  Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems  16FEB17
 E1-09  Fire Main Systems  16APR18
 E1-10  Fuel Oil Systems  16DEC13
 E1-11  Foam Fire Suppression Systems  16FEB17
 E1-12  Fluid Power and Control Systems  28JUL10
 E1-15  Industrial Systems  13DEC10
 E1-16  Independent Tanks  1AUG17
 E1-17  Lubricating Oil Systems  16DEC13
 E1-18  Main and Auxiliary Boiler Systems  22APR21
 E1-19  Pressure Vessels  16FEB17
 E1-21  Potable Water Systems  18FEB16
 E1-24  Sanitary Sewage Systems  10JUL20
 E1-26  Steering Gear Piping Systems  10JUL20
 E1-27  Automatic Sprinkler Systems  10JUL20
 E1-28  Fired Thermal Fluid Heaters  20APR18
 E1-29  Vents And Sounds  10JUL20
 E1-32  Refrigeration Machinery  27JUL10
 E1-35  Miscellaneous Piping Systems  12DEC13
 E1-37  Ballast Water Management Systems  02APR21
 E2-01  Vital System Automation  9NOV11
 E2-02  General Emergency Alarm & Public Address Systems  13APR16
 E2-03  Sound Powered Phones  8OCT14
 E2-04  Coordination Study  4NOV10
 E2-05  Design Verification Test Procedures  9NOV11
 E2-06  Electrical Load Analysis  20JUN16
 E2-07  Electrical One-Line Diagram  6MAY10
 E2-08  Emergency Generators and Switchboards  14JUN16
 E2-09  Fire Detection Systems  11JUN14
 E2-11  Electrical Plans - Barges  14JUN16
 E2-12  Hazardous Locations  7APR10
 E2-14  Lighting Systems And Components  21DEC10
 E2-15  Motor Circuits, Controllers, & Protection  15JAN16
 E2-17  Periodic Safety Test Procedures  9NOV16
 E2-18  Qualitative Failure Analysis  10NOV11
 E2-19  Short Circuit Analysis  02APR21
 E2-20  Steering-Gear Electrical Systems  7APR16
 E2-21  Ship Service Generator Switchboard  7JUN10
 E2-22  Boiler Control System  1AUG17
 E2-23  Electrical Plans - Small Passenger Vessels  26MAY21
 E2-24  Dynamic Positioning Systems  9NOV11
 E2-29  Lithium-Ion Batteries  20MAY21
 GEN-02  Submission of Stability Test Results  5APR16
 GEN-03  Steel & Aluminum Structures  4DEC17
 GEN-04  Ventilation Systems  19MAY15
 GEN-05  Stability Test Procedures  16OCT18
 GEN-06  Major Conversion Determinations  14JAN21
 H1-01  Review Of Stability For Small Passenger Vessels (T)  20APR18
 H1-07  General Arrangement Plans For Small Passenger Vessels (T)  13AUG20
 H1-12  Structural Plans For Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Vessels  07SEP21
 H1-13  Structural Plans For Wooden Vessels  05AUG20
 H1-14  Stability For Uninspected Oceanographic Research Vessels (C)  27MAY20
 H1-15  Review of Rigging Systems for Sailing Vessels  6FEB14
 H1-17  Stability Review for Sailing School Vessels (R)  8JUN11
 H2-03  Passenger Vessel Stability (K & H)  27OCT17
 H2-04  Stability (Subchapter I)  27MAR18
 H2-06  Trim and Stability (TS) Booklets  7NOV17
 H2-08  General Arrangements (H, I, K, R, and U)  5JAN18
 H2-09  Review and Documentation of Performance Based Design (PBD) Submissions  6APR16
 H2-10  Means Of Escape (Subchapter H)  5JAN18
 H2-11  Emergency Evacuation Plans (NVIC 8-93)  24JAN18
 H2-12  Emergency Evacuation Plans (Subchapter K)  24JAN18
 H2-13  Structural Fire Protection  24JAN18
 H2-14  Fire Load Calculations  24JAN18
 H2-15  Fire Control Plans  13SEP21
 H2-16  Initial Certificate of Compliance (ICOC) Plans  21FEB14
 H2-18  IMO High-Speed Craft Code General Arrangements, Structural Fire Protection, and Means of Escape  5APR16
 H2-19  Review of IMO High-Speed Craft Code Stability  13SEP21
 H2-20  Fishing Vessel Stability  17JUN13
 SOLAS-01  Curved or Winding Stairs in Escape Path  6APR16
 SOLAS-02  Roller Shutters in A-60 Bulkheads  5APR16
 SOLAS-03  CO2 Bottle Storage  5APR16
 SOLAS-04  Furniture and Storage in Category 3, 9, and 5/9 Spaces  21DEC17
 SOLAS-05  Use of Flammable Gas Storage Lockers  23JUL18
 SOLAS-06  Low Location Lighting  5APR16
 SOLAS-07  Galley Range, Grease Duct Structure  6APR16
 SOLAS-08  Openings in Watertight Divisions on High-Speed Craft Code Vessels  5JAN18
 SOLAS-09  Extent of Damage Applied to High-Speed Craft Code Vessels  5JAN18
 SOLAS-11  Suppression In Galley Ducts  5APR16
 SOLAS-13  Protection of Deck Openings in Two Deck Spaces  5APR16
 SOLAS-14  Regulation 17 Alternative Design Documentation  16JUN20
 SOLAS-24  Pool Machinery Spaces  6APR16
 SOLAS-25  Room-In-Room Construction  5APR16
 SOLAS-26  Access to Stairway Enclosures  27JUL18
 SOLAS-28  Retractable Roofs  27JUL18
 SOLAS-29  Overhanging Decks  6APR16
 SOLAS-30  Technical Spaces Behind Linings  5APR16
 SOLAS-32  Engine Control Rooms  6APR16
 SOLAS-33  Aluminum - GRP Plate Use  6APR16
 SOLAS-37  Refrigerators  6APR16
 SOLAS-38  Public Bathrooms In Stairs  6APR16
 SOLAS-39  Cooking Appliances on Open Decks  6APR16
 SOLAS-42  Categorization of Pantries  6APR16
 SOLAS-44  30% Open Requirement for Common Spaces  6APR16
 SOLAS-45  Space Categorization  6APR16
 SOLAS-47  Use of Combustible Material  29FEB12
 SOLAS-49  Locks and Latches in Doors in Escape Paths  27JUL18
 SOLAS-50  MIST Protected Storage  30JUN15
 SOLAS-52  Integrity of Two-Deck Spaces  26OCT17
 SOLAS-53  Regulation 38 Alternate Design Documentation during the ICOC  27JUL18
 DVG  Title  Revision Date
 E1-36  Machinery Systems on Towing Vessels  26MAR21
 E2-31  Electrical Systems on Towing Vessels  7DEC17
 H1-04  Stability for Towing Vessels  4DEC17
 H1-18  General Arrangement Plans for Towing Vessels  4DEC17



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