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Policy and Guidance - Fixed OCS Facility (Fixed Platform)

This page has the following content applicable to Fixed Platforms (click on item to be taken directly to that section):
  1) USCG Marine Safety Manual (MSM), Vol II;
  2) Self-Inspection Form;
  3) Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs);
  4) National Policy;
  5) District Eight (Gulf of Mexico) Policy;
  6) Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circulars (NVICs); and
  7) Production Facility Applicability Flowchart.

Part 1: MSM

The following chapters of the Marine Safety Manual (MSM), Volume II: Section G - OCS Activities are applicable to Fixed OCS Facilities (also referred to as Fixed Platforms):
  ○  Chapter 1, Regulations, Policy and Guidance for a Unit Conducting an OCS Activity, and
  ○  Chapter 5, Procedures Applicable to Fixed OCS Facilities or Platforms.

Part 2: Self-Inspection Report

The Fixed OCS Facility Inspection Report, CG-5432 (Rev 06/16), can be downloaded as a fillable pdf by clicking on the form number. Please note that the form is currently under agency review and is still VALID with the 08/31/2018 expiration date.

Part 3: Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs)

CFRs that pertain to fixed platforms are as follows:

Primary subchapter -
  ○  33 CFR Subchapter N - Outer Continental Shelf Activities

Additional subchapters that apply (not all will apply to every facility) -
  ○  46 CFR Subchapter Q - Equipment, Construction and Materials: Specifications and Approval
  ○  33 CFR Subchapter C - Aids to Navigation (Parts 66 and 67)
  ○  33 CFR Subchapter H - Maritime Security (Parts 101, 103 and 106; only applies to facilities that fall into the categories listed at §106.105(a))
  ○  33 CFR Subchapter O - Pollution (Parts 151, 153 and 155)
Note that 33 CFR Subchapter A also has applicability in regards to administration and legal actions.

CFRs can be viewed at ecfr.gov (regularly updated online version) or govinfo.gov (annual editions).

Part 4: National Policy

Policy Letters that apply to Fixed Platforms are listed in the tables below, grouped by issuing authority and ordered from newest to oldest (by policy number). Click on the policy number to open the document.

National Policy
Office  Policy Number Date Issued Subject

Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance
CG-CVC 18-04 03Apr2018 Guidance on Implementation of New Standards for Fire Protection, Detection and Extinguishing Equipment
CG-CVC Change Notice 25Jun2014 Policy Cancellations - COMDTCHANGENOTE 16000, CH-1 to MSM Vol II
CG-543 11-04 13Apr2011 Compliance Verification of Alternative Security Program for MTSA Regulated Vessels and Facilities
G-MOC 02-02 15Feb2002 Fixed Platform Inspection Program
G-MOC 02-01 08Feb2002 Regular Compliment Crew Determinations for Vessels Engaged in OCS Activities (CANCELLED, see 25Jun14 Change Notice to MSM Vol II (linked in this table); policy is included here for historical reference purposes only)

Office of Design and Engineering Standards
CG-ENG 01-16 29Apr2016 Portable Accommodation Module (PAM) Guidance


Part 5: District Eight (Gulf of Mexico) Policy

District Eight (D8) Policy
Policy Number  Date Issued Subject
01-2020 19May2020 Emergency Evacuation Drills on Manned Facilities with Lifeboats
01-2017 23May2017 Means of Escape on Fixed Platforms
04-2016, Rev 1 07May2018 Lifesaving Inspection and Emergency Evacuation Drills on Manned Facilities (Including Mobile Offshore Drilling Units) on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) (CANCELLED 19May2020 by D8(ocs) Policy Letter 01-2020; policy is included here for historical reference purposes only)
03-2016 02Jun2016 Interim Coast Guard Eighth District Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Risk-Based Inspection Resource Allocation Methodology
01-2015 14Sep2015 Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Emergency Evacuation Plan (EEP) Approvals
Cancellation Notice 11Jul2014 Policy Cancellations - Memo detailing the cancellation of D8(m) Policy Letters
05-2003 03Dec2003 Means of Escape on Manned & Unmanned Fixed Platforms (CANCELLED 11Jul2014 by D8 OCS Memo (linked in this table), incorporated into MSM Vol II, Sec G; policy is included here for historical reference purposes only)
04-2003 30Sep2003 Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Emergency Evacuation Plan (EEP) Approvals (CANCELLED 11Jul2014 by D8 OCS Memo (linked in this table), incorporated into MSM Vol II, Sec G; policy is included here for historical reference purposes only)
99-19 16Sep1999 MODU Lifeboat Release Gear Overload Tests (alternate testing apparatus)
CCGD8INST 16711.1 14Mar1997 Fixed Platform Inspection Program


Part 6: Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circulars (NVICs)

NVICs that apply to Fixed Platforms are listed in the table below, ordered from newest to oldest (by NVIC number). Click on the NVIC number to open the document. ALL NVICs can be found on the Official NVIC Page.

Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circulars (NVICs)
Date Issued Subject
01-20 26Feb2020 Guidelines for Addressing Cyber Risks at Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) Regulated Facilities
10-04 20Aug2004 Guidelines for Handling of Sensitive Security Information (SSI)
05-03 15Dec2003 Implementation Guidance for the Maritime Security Regulations Mandated by the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002 for Outer Continental Shelf Facilities
09-00, CH-1 10Feb2005 CH-1 to NVIC 09-00; Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishing System Safety
1-94 21Jan1994 Marking of Life Preservers and PFDs
13-92 15Dec1992 Captain of the Port Zone Boundaries
6-87 21Sep1987 Recommended Procedures for Control of Asbestos and Other Respiratory Hazards on board Merchant Vessels, Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Facilities and Deepwater Ports
4-86 28Mar1986 Hydraulic Release Units for Liferafts, Life Floats and Buoyant Apparatus and Alternate Float-Free Arrangements
4-85 29May1985 Recalls and Other Corrective Measures for Lifesaving Equipment
7-84 07Aug1984 Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Citizenship Requirements; Exemptions from
1-84 03Apr1984 Lack of Topstitching on Some Type I Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs)
1-83 10Feb1983 Painters for Life Floats and Buoyant Apparatus
7-82 13Apr1982 Sample Format of Vessel or Facility Station Bill
6-81 18Jun1981 Lifeboat Weight Tests
7-80 02Apr1980 Use of Fire Detection Systems which are Not approved under 46 CFR 161.002
2-80 07Feb1980 Poured-Metal Socket Connections for Lifeboat Falls
1-80 14Jan1980 Inspection of Viking On-Load Release Gear on Watercraft America
5-77 20Dec1977 Inspection of Hydraulic Starting Systems for Lifeboats and Survival Capsules
2-63 24Jan1963 Guide for Inspection and Repair of Lifesaving Equipment


Part 7: Production Facility Applicability Flowchart

For a pdf version of the applicability flowchart displayed below, click here.