Policy and Guidance - Fixed OCS Facility

The following chapters of the Marine Safety Manual (MSM), Volume II: Section G - OCS Activities are applicable to Fixed OCS Facilities (also referred to as Fixed Platforms):

  ○  Chapter 1, Regulations, Policy and Guidance for a Unit Conducting an OCS Activity, and
  ○  Chapter 5, Procedures Applicable to Fixed OCS Facilities or Platforms.

The Fixed OCS Facility Inspection Report, CG-5432 (Rev 06/16), can be downloaded as a fillable pdf by clicking on the form number. Please note that the form is currently under agency review and is still VALID with the 08/31/2018 expiration date.

Policy Letters that apply to Fixed Platforms are listed in the tables below, grouped by issuing authority and ordered from newest to oldest.

Headquarters Policy Letter Subject
G-MOC Policy Letter 02-02 
February 15, 2002
Fixed Platform Inspection Program
G-MOC Policy Letter 02-01 
February 8, 2002
Regular Complement of Crew Determinations for Units Engaged in Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Activities


District Eight Policy Letter Subject
D8 Policy Letter 05-2003 
December 3, 2003
Means of Escape on Manned and Unmanned Fixed Platforms
CCGD8INST 16711.1 
March 14, 1997
Fixed Platform Inspection Program


For a pdf version of the applicability flowchart displayed below, click here.