Outer Continental Shelf National Center of Expertise (OCSNCOE)

Policy and Guidance related to OCS Activities

The overarching policy for OCS Activities can be found in the Marine Safety Manual (MSM), Volume II: Section G - OCS ActivitiesSection G consists of the following chapters:

  ○  Chapter 1, Regulations, Policy and Guidance for a Unit Conducting an OCS Activity,
  ○  Chapter 2, Procedures Applicable to U.S. MODUs,
  ○  Chapter 3, Procedures Applicable to Foreign MODUs,
  ○  Chapter 4, Procedures Applicable to Floating OCS Facilities,
  ○  Chapter 5, Procedures Applicable to Fixed OCS Facilities or Platforms, and
  ○  Chapter 6, Procedures Applicable to Other Vessels Engaged in OCS Activities.

Job Aids, which replaced the legacy CG-840 Books, will be posted on the Job Aid page (as they are revised and published).

Regulations, policy and guidance documents and/or links are available on the respective type of unit or vessel pages as follows:
  ●  Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs)
  ●  Floating OCS Facilities (FOFs), also commonly referred to as Floating Offshore Installations (FOIs)
  ●  Fixed OCS Facilities (Fixed Platforms)
  ●  Support Vessels: Offshore Supply Vessels & Liftboats (OSVs, Subchapters L & I) and Crew Boats (Subchapter T Small Passenger Vessels servicing the offshore Oil & Mineral industry)