Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circulars (NVIC)


Load Lines

Number Description
01-88 (CH-1) Change 1: International Load Line Certificates for Small Passenger Vessels Operating Within 20 Miles of the Mouth of a Harbor of Safe Refuge
10-86 Equivalence to Minimum Bow Height Requirements for Load Line Assignment
10-85 Oversight of Technical and Administrative Aspects of Load Line Assignment
02-85 Notification to the U.S. Coast Guard for Enforcement of Load Line Requirements
05-83 Unified Interpretations of the International Convention on Load Lines, 1966
18-82 Form B Load Lines; Procedures for Issuance of Certificates
08-82 Load Line Certificates
04-74 Stability Information Required on Inspected and Uninspected United States Vessels Receiving a Load Line Certificate and Foreign Vessels Receiving Form B Load Line Certificates