Rear Admiral Shannon Gilreath Commander Fifth Coast Guard District
Master Chief Francis E. Gorman Direct of Logistics Command Master Chief (Reserve)
Ms. Holly A. Haverstick Director, International Affairs and Foreign Policy Advisor
Rear Admiral Jon Hickey Director of Operational Logistics (DOL)
Command Master Chief Phadra Y. Hooker Command Master Chief Eleventh District
Command Master Chief Michael D. Ingham Command Master Chief First District
Rear Admiral Chad L. Jacoby Director of Acquisition Programs & Program Executive Officer (CG-93)
Command Master Chief Marques A. Johnson Command Master Chief Eighth District
Rear Admiral Michael J. Johnston Ninth District Commander (D9)
Rear Admiral Eric Jones Deputy for Personnel Readiness
Master Chief Heath B. Jones Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard
Rear Admiral William G. Kelly Superintendent, Coast Guard Academy
Ms. JANE B. KIGGINS Director of Financial Operations/Comptroller
Mr. James Knight Deputy Assistant Commandant for Acquisition and Director of Acquisition Services (CG-9D and CG-92)
Command Master Chief Justin Knudsen Reserve Command Master Chief Atlantic Area
Rear Admiral Miriam L. Lafferty Assistant Commandant for Reserve (CG R)
Rear Admiral Matt Lake Assistant Commandant for Resources (CG-8)
Mr. Jeffrey G. Lantz Director of Commercial Regulations and Standards (CG-5PS)
Mr. Calvin Lederer Deputy Judge Advocate General & Deputy Chief Counsel (CG-094D)
Command Master Chief Edward Lewis Command Master Chief Force Readiness Command
Rear Admiral Carola List Assistant Commandant for Engineering & Logistics (CG-4)
Command Master Chief  Ann M. Logan​ Command Master Chief Deputy Commandant for Operations
Mr. John S. Luce Director National Pollution Funds Center (NPFC)
Vice Admiral Kevin E. Lunday Atlantic Area Commander
Commodore Alex Malewski National Commodore Coast Guard Auxiliary
Command Master Chief Shawn J. Marchinek Command Master Chief JIATF-South
Rear Admiral John W. Mauger First District Commander (D1)
Rear Admiral Brendan C. McPherson Seventh District Commander (D7)
Mr. Justin T. Meyer Deputy Director of Acquisition Programs (CG-93D)
Captain Daniel L. Mode Chaplain of the Coast Guard
Rear Admiral Nathan A. Moore Seventeenth District Commander (D17)
Dr. Donna (Mischell) Navarro Deputy Assistant Commandant for Human Resources (CG-1)