ATON Frequently Asked Questions


Regarding buoys, lighthouses, or other aids to navigation:

I found a buoy washed up on the beach.  Can you retrieve it?
    Fill out an ATON Discrepancy Form and the buoy will be removed shortly.

The light is extinguished in a nearby aid, buoy, or lighthouse and I need you to fix it.
    Fill out an ATON Discrepancy Form and a notice will be sent to the servicing unit.

I have a light/buoy hull/sinker, etc. that I'd like the Coast Guard to use.  What are your specifications for the equipment you use?
The Coast Guard Ocean Engineering Division provides all information regarding the type of       authorized equipment on aids to navigation.

The foghorn near my house is too loud and/or going off constantly.  Can you fix it?
Fill out an ATON Discrepancy Form to notify the appropriate servicing unit.  You may also call and report it to the nearest Coast Guard District.

Your buoys are in the wrong place.
Fill out an ATON Discrepancy Form and a unit will take a look at the situation.



Regarding classes or Vessel Safety Checks:

I want to take a boating class, such as boating safety, seamanship, or weekend navigator.
    The Coast Guard Auxiliary teaches all types of classes across the United States.

I heard the Coast Guard does vessel safety checks.  How can I sign my boat up for one?
The Coast Guard Auxiliary does vessel safety checks, to determine if your vessel meets the current state and federal laws. Every Vessel Safety Check is 100% free!



Regarding nautical charts or tides:

 Where can I find a nautical chart of a particular area?
Most  marine supply stores sell nautical charts of the local area.  The Coast Guard does not produce or disseminate charts - If you'd like to download or purchase one, visit NOAA's Online Chart Viewer.

I need to know what the tides will be like in my area on a particular date.
NOAA provides tidal current predictions computed by CO-OPS for more than 2,700 tidal current stations.



Other frequently asked questions:

Can you give me more information on a particular geodetic survey marker?
The Coast Guard does not place or maintain records on geodetic survey markers.  The responsible agency is NOAA's National Geodetic Survey Office.

Do you put out small craft advisories?  Where can I find an old one?
NOAA's National Weather Service puts out small craft advisories.


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