Outer Continental Shelf National Center of Expertise (OCS NCOE)

The Drill Down

The Drill Down is an outreach and knowledge management tool utilized to share the OCS NCOE's in-house expertise to a broader audience, to assist in educating those involved with or interested in the OCS world of work, and to help generate discussion amongst all involved parties.  The goal is to "drill down" the answers to questions regarding the OCS industry.  To learn more about how to get the most out of the Drill Down, please read the inaugural issueSee below for older issues and how to subscribe.

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Date  Issue Title
27 Mar 2017 1 - Inaugural Welcome to the Drill Down
31 Mar 2017 2 - Intro. Introduction to the OCS NCOE
28 Apr 2017 3 - MODU What is a Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit?
03 May 2017 4 - MODU MODU Regulatory Compliance Options
06 Jul 2017 5 - Prod. What is a Production Facility?
05 Oct 2017 6 - Prod. Production Facility Regulatory Compliance
23 Sep 2015* 7 - LL Dynamic Positioning (DP) Ergonomics
18 Mar 2016* 8 - LL DP Team Decision Making
15 Nov 2017 9 - OSV Evolution of the Offshore Supply Vessel
15 Feb 2018  10 - TS Dynamic Positioning Systems

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*Previously published as a "Lessons Learned" document by the OCS NCOE and republished as a Drill Down for archiving purposes.