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 Port Security Advisory - Piracy (04-09)(Rev 4)

International Traffic in Arms Regulations Guidance to U.S. Marines (provides guidance on carriage of weapons aboard U.S.-flagged commerical vessel operating in high risk waters). 

 Sep 3, 2010

 Port Security Advisory - Piracy (06-09) (Rev 1)

Procedures for Obtaining a Name-Based Terrorism for Check for Security Personnel Operating in High Risk Waters (HRW) In Accordance With Port Security Advisory (PSA) 05-09 (Rev 1)

 Jan 14, 2011

  Port Security Advisory - Piracy (08-09)

Port State Response to Request for Information Regarding Carriage and Transport of Self-Defense Weapons Aboard U.S. Commercial Vessels

 Feb 3, 2012

 Port Security Advisory - Piracy (09-09)

Expected Courses of Action Following Attacks by Pirates in the Horn of Africa

 May 12, 2010