Summary: Best Practices associated with Port Security Training and or Security Procedures observed to have enhanced facility security.


 Document  Location Observed
 BP01-TP  Port of Algiers, Algeria
 BP02-TP  Port of Arsew, Berthioua, Algeria
 BP03-TP  Port of Paramaribo, Suriname
 BP04-TP  Port of Paita, Peru
 BP05-TP  Isla Refinery, Netherlands Antilles
 BP06-TP  Puerto Santo Tomas, Guatemala
 BP07-TP  Montecon, Montevideo, Uruguay
 BP08-TP  Port of Paramaribo, Suriname
 BP09-TP  Port of Durbin, South Africa
 BP10-TP  Port of Bontang, Indonesia
 BP11-TP  Costa Rica
 BP12-TP  Oranjestad Cruise and Cargo Facility, Aruba
 BP13-TP  Gabon
 BP14-TP  Fraser River Port, Canada
 BP15-TP  Rotterdam, The Netherlands
 BP16-TP  Brunei
 BP17-TP  Belize
 BP18-TP  Belize
 BP19-TP  Asia-Pacific Economic Conference (APEC)
 BP20-TP  United Kingdom
 BP21-TP  Porto Grande, Cape Verde
 BP22-TP  Polarbase AS, Norway
 BP23-TP  PNG Ports Corporation Limited, Papua New Guinea
 BP24-TP  Algeria, Bejaia-Bejaia Mediterranean Terminal, Container Inspection

Updated: December 19, 2017