Appeal / Reconsideration

The following information will serve as a guide through the reconsideration and appeal processes; while it is not complicated it must be completed correctly. If you disagree with a decision rendered by the National Maritime Center (NMC), you may contact us for clarification in regards to any issues concerning the appeal process..

Important Information

If You Have Received a Denial Letter
Please note, if you have received a denial letter you have 30 days to provide your response in writing, addressing why you feel the decision is incorrect and providing any supporting documentation. Please include a copy of the denial letter with your response.

You MUST request reconsideration and receive a decision prior to requesting an appeal.


Reconsideration Process

Step 1—You MUST request reconsideration from the National Maritime Center (NMC) and receive a decision prior to requesting a formal appeal. 

Step 2—Request reconsideration in writing, please state why you believe our decision was incorrect and provide all supporting information/documentation you have and attach a copy of the denial, ATT or AI letter provided by the NMC.

Step 3—You will be contacted via letter by the NMC once a decision on your reconsideration has been made.

Step 4--If your reconsideration request is denied for any reason you have a legal right under Title 46 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) section 1.03-40, to request an appeal.

It is recommended that you retain copies of all material you send with any appeal.  Please attach a copy of the Denial, Awaiting Information (AI) letter or Approval to Test (ATT) letter as applicable, to the documentation provided by the NMC in response to this notification.