Appeal / Reconsideration

The following information will serve as a guide through the reconsideration and appeal processes; while it is not complicated it must be completed correctly. If you disagree with a decision rendered by the National Maritime Center (NMC), you may contact us for clarification in regards to any issues concerning the appeal process..

Important Information

If You Have Received a Denial Letter
Please note, if you have received a denial letter you have 30 days to provide your response in writing, addressing why you feel the decision is incorrect and providing any supporting documentation. Please include a copy of the denial letter with your response.

You MUST request reconsideration and receive a decision prior to requesting an appeal.


Reconsideration Process

Step 1— You must have decision or action from the National Maritime Center (NMC) prior to requesting reconsideration. This action or decision may be a Denial letter, Awaiting Information (AI) letter or Approval to Test (ATT) letter or the issuance of a credential.

Step 2— Request reconsideration in writing, please state why you believe our action or decision was incorrect and provide all supporting information/documentation you have and attach a copy of the denial, ATT or AI letter provided by the NMC. No copy of the credential is needed but it may be included.

Step 3— You will be contacted via letter by the NMC once a decision on your reconsideration has been made. In limited circumstances you may be contacted via e-mail.

Step 4 --If your reconsideration request is denied for any reason you have a legal right under Title 46 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) section 1.03-40, to request an appeal.

It is recommended that you retain copies of all material you send with any appeal. Please attach a copy of the Denial, Awaiting Information (AI) letter or Approval to Test (ATT) letter as applicable, to the documentation provided by the NMC in response to this notification.