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Foreign Visits to U.S. Coast Guard Facilities

Key Points of the Foreign Visits Program:

  • For U.S. Coast Guard Personnel, use CG PORTAL: The Coast Guard Foreign Visits Program Portal has the information needed to manage your foreign visit requests. Information includes the 2010 Foreign Visits ALCOAST 112/10, 2010 Foreign Visit Request Form, checklists, job aides, PowerPoint presentations, foreign embassy phone numbers, and POCs for Security Policy Automation Network (SPAN) data entry. 
  • For non-U.S. Coast Guard Personnel, visitors should request that their embassy in Washington DC and enter their request in the Security Policy Automation Network (SPAN). 
  • Foreign embassies verify for the USCG that the foreign visitors are whom they say they are. Embassy military attaches have training in SPAN. 
  • Each visit must have a USCG unit sponsor to effectively communicate questions and approvals. 
  • For U.S. Coast Guard Personnel, please review the 2010 Foreign Visits ALCOAST 112/10 and the updated forms in order to help International Affairs office process your visit request. 


Each foreign visit should be in line with USCG international strategy which emphasizes the promotion of international maritime cooperation. When planning a visit proceed with the understanding that Coast Guard Counter-Intelligence Service (CG-2-CI) and Foreign Disclosure must complete vetting and review of any information that may be disclosed.

  • When Vetting is complete we will notify you of the results and give final visit approval. 

Please contact U.S. Coast Guard International Affairs (CG-DCO-I) if you have any questions.

Contact us:

International Visits Coordinator:
(202) 372-4495

International Visits Supervisor:
(202) 372-4496