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Foreign Military Sales (FMS)

The Coast Guard helps to provide other countries with equipment for their maritime missions through the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) portion of the Security Assistance program.  As the Coast Guard replaces its ship and boat inventory, it releases assets for sale/transfer to other countries.

International Affairs responsible for FMS policy issues, and the International Acquisitions Office is responsible for the transfer of Coast Guard excess defense articles.  

The Coast Guard Foreign Military Sales program helps many nations strengthen their maritime services by providing equipment and support services.  The Coast Guard provides both excess and new-construction vessels to clients selected by the United States government. In addition to cutters and boats, the Coast Guard provides clients with access to the most modern Search and Rescue planning tools and equipment. The Coast Guard provides industrial overhaul of aircraft and shipboard components.  The Coast Guard receives full reimbursement for these articles and services.

Since 1997, the Coast Guard has transferred over 150 vessels to more than 23 countries. Over 1,000 crewmembers from foreign maritime services have received technical and operational training during the transfer of these vessels. Transfer programs also include logistics and technical support to ensure continued operation of the vessels.

The Coast Guard International Acquisitions program offers significant FMS opportunities in the future. Clients will be able to obtain new-construction vessels and aircraft as well as existing legacy platforms that are made excess by USCG acquisition of new systems.

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