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Directorate of International Affairs & Foreign Policy (CG-DCO-I) Phone Directory

Routing Symbol Position Title Telephone Number
CG-DCO-I Director, International Affairs & Foreign Policy Advisor 202-372-4450
CG-DCO-I-D Deputy, International Affairs & Foreign Policy Advisor 202-372-4452
CG-DCO-I Administrative Assistant 202-372-4450
CG-DCO-I Liaison to Department of State 202-663-3387
CG-DCO-I-1 Regional Affairs Chief 202-372-4453
CG-DCO-I-1 AFRICOM/CENTCOM/EUCOM Regional Advisor 202-372-4461
CG-DCO-I-1 PACOM/Russia Regional Advisor 202-372-4496
CG-DCO-I-1 PACOM/Southeast Asia Regional Advisor 202-372-3029
CG-DCO-I-1 NORTHCOM/Caribbean Regional Advisor 202-372-4467
CG-DCO-I-1 SOUTHCOM Regional Advisor 202-372-4464
CG-DCO-I-1 International Visits Coordinator 202-372-4494
CG-DCO-I-1 Commandant International Travel Coordinator 202-372-4471
CG-DCO-I-1 Passport + Visa Assistance Team 202-372-4465/4474/4476
CG-DCO-I-2 Security Cooperation Chief 202-372-4470
CG-DCO-I-2 Security Cooperation Division Leader 202-372-4460
CG-DCO-I-2 International Training Team Leader 202-372-4490
CG-DCO-I-2 CENTCOM Regional Training Manager 202-372-4491
CG-DCO-I-2 PACOM Regional Training Manager 202-372-4475
CG-DCO-I-2 AFRICOM/EUCOM Regional Training and Contract Training Manager 202-372-4481
CG-DCO-I-2 NORTHCOM/SOUTHCOM Training Manager 202-372-4492
CG-DCO-I-2 Special Projects & Interagency Meeting Manager 202-372-4459
CG-DCO-I-2 EXBS Non-Proliferation Program Manager 202-372-4497
CG-DCO-I-2 Training Quota Manager 202-372-4499
CG-DCO-I-2 International Billet Support 202-372-4478
CG-DCO-I-2 Resource Management Team Lead 202-372-4480
CG-DCO-I-2 Exportable Training Financial Analyst 202-372-4483
CG-DCO-I-2 EXBS Financial Analyst 202-372-4482
CG-DCO-I Fax Machine 202-372-8327