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Test Your Knowledge

Each edition of the LGC NCOE’s “The Gas Gauge” newsletter we test YOUR knowledge of the Liquefied Gas Industry in our “How Full is YOUR Tank” section. First person to correctly submit the questions will receive a LGC NCOE Challenge Coin! Answers should be submitted to with the subject line “Gas Gauge; How Full is YOUR Tank”. After the first person has correctly answered all the questions listed in the newsletter, the answers are posted and the winner is listed in the LGC NCOE Hall of Fame winners below.


Topic:    Testing requirements for: valves used at working temps bellow -55; requirements for expansion bellows.

Edition:  Volume 5 / 2017 Fall

Winner:  Daniel Wesp, Principal Engineer, ABS Global Gas Solutions


Topic:    LNG as Fuel Bunkering Stations

Edition:  Volume 4 / 2016/2017Winter

Winner:  Mr. Jamie Wilson, Sector Houston-Galveston


Topic:    Facility LNG Storage Tank

Edition:  Volume 3 / 2014 Winter

Winner:  Mr. David Franklin P.E., Vice President of Engineering, KANFA Aragon Americas Inc


Topic:    Semi-enclosed Compressor Room

Edition:  Volume 2 / 2014 Summer

Winner:  N/A


Topic:    Fixed Gas Detection

Edition:  Volume 1 / 2013 Fall

Winner:  N/A